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Dear Community of ACS,

Happy New Years, everyone! There are many New Year’s resolutions out there and I wish you all luck with each of yours; especially if it is fitness related!

During this semester we are going to be spending a majority of our time concentrating on fitness, spatial awareness (moving safely in space), basketball, swimming, climbing and dancing.

Each of these skills are crucial to student’s development for basic strength building and flexibility.

Welcome back to the second semester of PE, I hope you all have a good rest!

We will inform you constantly of any activity that we will develop during this semester, we hope counting on you during this time for the develop and learning of our kids.

Think fit! Stay Fit!

January 2019

KG3-1st Introductory Dancing

2nd-5th Track and Field

Upcoming Events

March 6 - March15 - Presidential Fitness Test (1st-5th grade)

The President's Challenge is a program that encourages all Americans to make being active a part of their everyday lives. No matter what your activity and fitness level, the President's Challenge can help motivate you to improve.

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Adding more activity to your daily life can be easy and fun – and now you can earn an award for being active. To earn your Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), all you need to do is document your active exercise each day (60 minutes/day for children and 30 minutes/day for adults), 5 days a week, for six weeks.

Join the President’s Active Lifestyle Program, here's how:

1. Make the commitment (this can be a family or team effort)

2. Sign up online, print the activity log PDF or start a group

3. Log your activity

4. Earn your award

With over 100 activities to choose from, there's something for everyone! Record your activities and track your progress for 60 minutes a day/ 5 days a week for youths under the age of 18 or 60 minutes a day for adults. You can even compare your progress with others who are taking the President's Challenge.

The President's Challenge not only helps you stay active - it also gives you a little extra motivation while you're at it. That's because you can earn special Presidential awards recognizing your accomplishments.

Visit www.PresidentsChallenge.org to learn more

Extracurriculars Online

Extracurricular activities site at ACS includes all after school Academic, Athletic and Fine Arts programming. The site was designed to provide current information to families about all the wonderful things happening in Athletics and Fine Arts.

To visit the Extra-Curricular site, click here.

Our KG5 students dancing.



Today a sedentary lifestyle dominates our children’s lives. The average child spends numerous hours in front of TVs and computers; not developing his perceptual motor skills. Simply put those skills that enable him to act on and respond to information received.

Many children have low muscle tone and poor concentration. This in turn, may impact social and emotional skills. Intellectual skills may even be affected.

So, get outside and play with your child! Need some ideas?

Here are some websites worth checking out:

Useful Resources

    • Physical Fitness Standards-The President's Challenge is a program that encourages all Americans to make being active a part of their everyday lives. No matter what your activity and fitness level, the President's Challenge can help motivate you to improve.
    • Swimming-Kids Health - Swimming is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Even kids who know how to swim can drown, so let's find out how to stay safe in the water.

  • Sites & Links
    • Sports Illustrated Kids - Who says Sports Illustrated is just for adults? Sports Illustrated Kids (SI Kids) aims to create a fun and safe environment where kids can explore the world of sports. Get the latest sports news designed just for kids or play games and engage in other interactive activities.
    • BrainPop Sports & Fitness - BrainPop known for its selections of animated lessons and other resources, has branched out into the world of sports and fitness. Not only can you play fun, animated sports games, but you can learn about sports legends such as Jackie Robinson. For older children, the site offers lessons on sports-related issues such as body weight, fitness and steroid use.
    • Yahoo Kids Sports - Yahoo Kids Sports provides an assortment of games with sports themes. The games feature sports such as football, skateboarding, surfing and baseball. Kids can also read about popular athletes, view the joke of the day or get answers to their burning sports questions.
    • Positive Coach Alliance - Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a national non-profit organization with the mission to transform the culture of youth sports so that youth athletes can have a positive, character-building experience. This site offers tips for positive sports parents, who show love for their children regardless of athletic performance and a relentless commitment to helping them.