Community Service Projects



during Quarantine



Community Service Projects (CSP), as part of the Character Education Program at ACS, in cooperation with the community, strive to help its students achieve their maximum potential as responsible citizens. This will be accomplished through modeling and promoting a character that includes compassion, integrity, respect, tolerance and service.


  • To encourage students to be committed citizens

  • To promote on-going Community Service Projects at ACS

  • To enhance ACS community involvement in school activities

CSP Rules

  • CSP is a graduation requirement

  • Required CSP hours for the 2020-2021 are 20 hours

  • At least 10 CSP hours must be completed during semester 1

  • Depending on the quarantine, CSP hours and projects are subject to change

Projects available to students during quarantine:

  • Eco Bricks (open to all high school students)

  • Tutoring (open to 10th - 12th graders)

  • ELL Support (open to 11th graders)

  • IEP Tutoring (open to 12th graders)

Sign up Procedure

The choices for CSP are limited this semester, but students would still have to sign up.

Ms. Sainz will give the final approval to students who want to be tutors.



Eco bricks are needed (as bricks) for the construction of a library in a school in Mallasa. EcoBricks are easy to make but students need to follow instructions carefully.

  • Instructions on how to build a good Ecobrick

    • You will need to find a 2-liter bottle (Use a Coca-Cola bottle or an Agua Vital bottle, DO NOT USE a Fanta bottle).

    • You need to wash the bottle and dry it completely before you start filling it with non-recyclable trash. All the trash needs to be clean with no food residues.

    • The trash in the bottle needs to be fully compressed. When you are done, the bottle will feel solid.

  • How to make an EcoBrick

    • Students will need to collect clean and dry plastic waste at home

    • Find a clean, dry 2-liter cool drink bottle with a lid

    • Compress waste into the bottle with a stick

    • Pack tightly throughout the process to ensure it is compressed

    • Put the lid back on and your Eco brick is ready to be built with

  • A good Eco brick will have:

    • a screw top lid

    • visible contents

    • straight sided

    • no food residue

    • everything dry inside

    • soft plastic in bottom bumps

    • feel solid when squeezed

    • correct density

  • CSP credit

    • For every bottle that you complete, you will receive 3 hours of CSP. (It takes about 3 hours to fill one bottle, and you will need about 2 full black bags of trash to complete this task.)

    • If you do not follow the instructions, the hours will not count.

    • Once the quarantine is over, you will need to bring the bottles to your CSP sponsor to get credit.

    • You need to show evidence of how you are completing this task. Please send videos to your sponsors.

    • YOU are to complete this task, NOT someone else in your family.


“Introducing Eco bricks - A solution to pollution!” video

“How to make Eco bricks” video

Eco tip video

9th grade Eco Brick Sponsor: Ms. Artieda

10th grade Eco Brick Sponsor: Ms. Soliz

11th grade Eco Brick Sponsor: Ms. Fortun

12th grade Eco Brick Sponsor: Ms. De la Rocha


Casa Esperanza

Teacher in charge: Ms. Chalan

Open to 10th-12th graders


  • Students will be assigned to work with a student on his/her homework

  • Online help will be about 1 hour per week

ELL Support

Teacher in charge: Ms. Fortun

Open only to 11th graders


  • Students will be assigned to work with a student

  • Tutors will meet with students to read books and check for understanding

  • Tutors will meet with students after school via zoom

  • Online help will be between 1 to 2 hours per week

IEP Tutoring

Teacher in charge: Ms. De la Rocha

Open only to 12th graders


  • Students will be assigned to work with a student

  • Tutoring will be geared towards teaching study skills and organizational skills

  • Tutors will meet with students after school via zoom and make sure they go over the week’s assignments

  • Tutors will communicate with teachers to understand what is expected of them

  • Tutors will meet with Ms. Blanco and Ms. Sainz to discuss their job as “tutors”

  • Online help will be between 1 to 2 hours per week

Student Rights

  • Students have the right to be offered 20 hours to complete their yearly CSP requirement

  • Students have the right to know what the activities and events will be ahead of time

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for completing at least 10 CSP hours the first semester

  • If a student volunteers to tutor, he/she CANNOT give up their “job” without talking to Ms. Blanco or Ms. Sainz first

  • A tutor will lose any CSP hours accumulated if he/she drops the “job” before consulting with Ms. Blanco or Ms. Sainz

  • Students will meet with their sponsors at least once a week

  • Students are responsible for attending meetings on those days that CSP groups meet

  • Students are responsible for giving notice of absences to their CSP sponsors

CSP Leader Responsibilities

  • Leaders are responsible for planning meetings with students

  • If a leaders is unable to attend, he/she must designate another ACS teacher to serve as leader

  • Record attendance and hours earned, and send the hours to Alejandra Fortun

  • A leader must communicate effectively with group via Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Zoom

ACS administration reserves the right to review special cases

Ms. Sainz and Ms. Blanco will give the final approval to students who want to be tutors or who want to offer support.

CSP Projects


Hogar Carlos Villegas

Asilo San Ramon

Operation Smile