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Quote of the Week

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny." - Frank Outlaw

The value of music education. Enjoy it!

Calendar Reminders

Secondary Music Class

Dear parents: Tuesday May. 14, students must be in the Theater at 3.50pm. for our general rehearsal from 4pm to 6pm before the show on Wednesday. Thank you!

  • Dress code for the music concert: Blue jeans, black shirt or T-shirt and random shoes. Optional for girls: Black or white dress. (School dress code still binding)
  • Date: May. 14 | Time: 4pm-6pm | Event: Dress rehearsal
  • Date: May. 15 | Time: 2:15pm | Event: Advisory-Sec. Music Concert

Secondary Art

  • Date: Jan. 30 | Time: 6:30 pm| Event: Studio Art Exhibit| Venue: Theater Foyer
  • Date: Feb. 27 | Time: 6:30 pm | Event: Design and Wet Media Art Exhibit | Venue: Theater Foyer
  • Date: Apr. 10 | Time: 6:30 pm | Event: Secondary Annual Art Exhibit | Venue: Elementary Auditorium

Did You Know?

In the United States, there is little difference between the terms “college” and “university.” However, the term “college” in other countries, such as Canada, refers to a junior college or trade college, where as a “university” is larger, more research focused, and usually contains multiple colleges.

Useful Resources

  • Articles
    • Amazing Benefits Of Listening to Classical Music - With the advent of technology and music streaming platforms, it is easier than ever to access this otherwise “exclusive” music. Now that it’s more accessible for everyone, it’s great to know that classical music boasts some amazing benefits for your mood, brain, and physical performance. Read more.
    • 10 Free Courses to Help You Understand and Appreciate Art - Appreciating and understanding the value of art is challenging for many people. However, learning about the history, various types of artwork and genres can deepen your comprehension significantly. It can also make you a more well-rounded and interesting individual. This article offers free courses that will provide valuable insight to the art world from a variety of perspectives. Read More.
    • Study Says Making Art Is Good For Your Brain, And We Say You Should Listen- New cognitive research out of Germany suggests that “the production of visual art improves effective interaction” between parts of the brain. The study, conducted on a small population of newly retired individuals (28 people between the ages of 62 and 70), concludes that making art could delay or even negate age-related decline of certain brain functions. Read More.

  • Sites & Links
    • Prestigious Visual Arts Competitions for High School Students - If you’re a student artist, specializing in any of the visual arts ranging from painting and photography to prints or digital design, and you are interested in submitting your work to an art contest, this one is for you.
    • Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson - The Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson aims to inspire young people to develop creative responses to classical music through art, composition and poetry and is themed around Ten Pieces.


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