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"Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong." -John F. Kennedy


With the start of a new year it is always a good idea to set some goals.

Let's start this semester wishing you the best!

2020 - 2021 World Sporting Event Calendar

Fun Facts

  • Many people know that each of the world-famous Olympic rings represents one of the five continents of the world. However, the rings were designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertein in 1912, and he stated that, together with the white background, their colours also represented the flags of every nation competing at that year’s event.

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Can Olympic Figure Skaters Break the 5-Spin Barrier?

Olympic audiences went wild last week when Mirai Nagasu landed a triple axel, becoming the first U.S. female figure skater to turn an entire 3.5 rotations in the air at the Winter Games.

Meanwhile, male figure skaters have mastered the quadruple jump, that is, four rotations in the air. But no skater, male or female, has pulled off a quintuple-turn jump.

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Good Sports: Longer Lives Linked to Swimming, Racquetball

Many types of exercise are linked to a lower risk of premature death, but activities like racquet sports, swimming and aerobics seem best at improving people's chances of staving off an early demise, according to a new study.

Researchers found that people in the study who regularly played racquet sports had a 47 percent lower risk of dying over the course of the nine-year study than people who did not regularly engage in such sports. And people who regularly went swimming had a 28 percent lower risk of an early death during the study than those who did not regularly swim, the researchers found.

Moreover, people who regularly did aerobics had a 27 percent lower risk of dying during the course of the nine-year study than people who did not regularly do such activity, the researchers found. [The 4 Types of Exercise You Need to Be Healthy]

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