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Dear ACS Families,

We are excited to host a team of visiting educators representing COGNIA (Formerly AdvancED) the International Education Organization that accredits our school. School accreditation is more than just a notable distinction for ACS. It is a standards-based process focussed on continuous school improvement. One phase of the process involves a site visit every 5 years by trained professionals who observe classes, review school data and meet with stakeholders to ensure that we are offering a high quality learning experience for our students and that we are focussed on improvement initiatives derived from our Strategic Plan. We look forward to providing additional information as we prepare to host the COGNIA Team from March 30-April 1.


We will be donating all unclaimed items from lost and found to the Helping Hands Charity on Friday, March 13.


I have been receiving daily updates from a variety of sources including the US Embassy and State Department, the CDC, the WHO, and the United Nations, regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus. We are monitoring closely the status of the disease in Latin America and Bolivia, and assessing any possible threat to ACS. ACS has emergency plans for infectious diseases when they threaten our community and at this time, there is no need for the school to enact any of these plans other than increased vigilance over the health of our community members. Nonetheless, it is important to keep communication channels open and for this reason we offer the following information.


An epidemic can be a scary time for parents. With the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the coronavirus a global emergency it’s only natural to feel a sense of unease.

But take a deep breath. Many children are already worried by what they’re hearing about the outbreak, and although the daily updates about the virus are alarming, it’s really important to remember the impact these headlines can have on young people. To save them (and yourself) from unnecessary anxiety, there are a few simple things that you can say and do.

Here are some pointers for keeping kids calm and holding a panic-free conversation about coronavirus.

1. Be aware of your own behavior

It’s important that parents and caretakers understand the effect their own behavior can have on children. If you’re visibly upset or react in a way that suggests you’re fearful, they’ll take their cues from you. Just remember to stick to what we know about the outbreak, rather than fixating on worst-case scenarios.

2. Tell them the facts

Scary headlines attract attention and help sell newspapers but they don’t always tell the whole truth: ensuring you’re armed with facts will help keep coronavirus conversations calm, considered and constructive. So what do we know and how much should you share with a child?

Begin with the basics. Explain that coronavirus is a common virus across the world: the common cold and flu are both caused by types of coronavirus. This new (novel) form of the virus was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year. Symptoms include fever and a cough. A majority of people who are infected are expected to experience mild symptoms and make a full recovery within a week.

3. Offer practical advice

For the time being, the easiest way to reduce the risk of being affected by viruses of any sort (including the common cold) is to use tissues to cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze; keep hands clean by washing them regularly with soap and water or an alcohol-based rub; and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth. It is also wise to avoid anyone displaying symptoms such as a fever or a cough. These are simple common-sense habits for children to adopt, and should help them feel as though they’re able to exert some control over their circumstances.

Events like this can be very scary for children, so focusing on the known facts rather than fixating on worst-case scenarios will allow your child to process the situation and keep it in perspective. However worried you may feel, do your best to keep your concerns to yourself, focus on the simple things you can do to control events, and make sure your child understands that you will do everything in your power to keep them – and yourself – safe.

For general information about corona viruses, epidemiology, symptoms, prevention click on this link and please feel free to reach out to Dr. Antonietta de Oliveira in the ACS Health Unit with any questions or concerns.


I am pleased to share the approved the 2020-2021 ACS School Calendar. Please see the list of important dates by clicking here.


Your dollars at work. Besides our regularly scheduled maintenance we are happy to inform you of other campus improvements we have been making since the beginning of the year. Please see below for a partial list:

  • New track
  • New long jump pit
  • Continuation of 2 year plan to purchase new uniforms for ACS Sports teams
  • 10 new trees planted last weekend
  • Campus beautification: New planters all around campus
  • New pool filters


Article for Parents: Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers


It is our pleasure to launch the new ACS Website. The purpose of this website is to establish a powerful and meaningful web presence, and to celebrate the learning community we have established here at ACS with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy browsing the new site.

The Cougar Hub will remain the primary resource for parents who want accurate, up to date information about the school in real-time.

We were honored with a very special visit from the 'Bomberos Santa Barbara' who volunteered in the Chiquitanía fire.

Gratitude and respect!


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  • Wednesday, February 19: Special Awards Recognition Ceremony for students who were absent at January 10 ceremony
  • Monday and Tuesday, February 24-25: Carnival: No Classes
  • Thursday, February 27 : College Kick Off Juniors
  • Monday, March 2: Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, March 4: Early Dismissal

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