Message from the Superintendent

Dear ACS Families,

I hope you and your families are well and that your children are excited to begin the new school year. Today was the first day of school and students were able to reunite with old friends and begin making new friends much to the delight of their teachers.

Thank you for joining the ACS Adventure this year. On behalf of the Board, faculty and staff we are thankful for your commitment to and trust in ACS. We are looking forward to opening the school year tomorrow with increased dedication to our mission of inspiring our students to be critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers and responsible global citizens. Focussed on excellence, founded in integrity and committed to diversity our top priority is the health, wellness and safety of your children.

You can count on our teachers and staff to actively support your child and partner with you in their learning journey. Please see the information below for important updates and thank you again for joining the ACS adventure this year!!!


Please click on this link to attend virtually and hear about the state of the school, learning celebrations, and opportunities to be involved including parent representative information.


To facilitate distance learning in ES we are excited to issue an ACS I-Pad and grade specific learning materials to every enrolled elementary student

Parents are encouraged to stop by school between 8:30-1:00 p.m. and 1:30-5:00 p.m. according to the schedule below:

Monday, Aug. 10 = KG3, KG4 and KG5

Tuesday, Aug. 11 = Grades 1 and 2

Wednesday, Aug. 12 = Grade 3

Thursday, Aug. 13 = Grades 4 and 5

Friday, Aug. 14 = open to all grades

Parents will also receive student belongings left in classrooms last year. Parents with more than 1 child can pick up all Adventure Learning Kits on the day assigned to the grade of their youngest child. All materials have been disinfected and parents are asked to follow strict safety protocols and the instructions of our security team during pick up.

Below are additional resource you will find helpful as we launch into the 2020-2021 school year.

Virtual Library: Updated with many more options for kids and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions linked (Frequently Asked Questions linked here in both Spanish and English.) in both Spanish and English.


We welcome your desire to register your child(ren) for the 2020-2021 school year using the form linked below. Late Registration is open beginning Monday, August 10-Friday, August 14 and families will have the option to pay in person at the front gate from 8:30-12:30p.m. each day Monday-Friday of this week.

Flujograma en Español haga 'click' aqui / Flow Chart in English click here

Paso 1: Por favor lea el correo de ACS y los documentos de pdf adjuntos

Paso 2: Actualice sus pensiones usando las modalidades de pago de ACS o contactesé con Erika Ferrufino

Paso 3: Imprima, firme, escaneé y mande los contratos ACS e información del RUDE

Paso 4: Ingrese a este link: Master Virtual registration Form para:

a) Descargue el contrato firmado

b) Descargue una copia de su Cédula de identidad firmada (anverso y reverso)

c) Verifique la información de contacto se su hijo/a (actualizar si es necesario)

d) Acepte sus responsabilidades como padre de familia ACS

Paso 5: Pague su pensión 2020-2021

  1. Una vez que haya completado el proceso de inscripciones recibirá una confirmación de nuestra oficina de contabilidad en las próximas 48 horas.

  2. Recibirá una carta de la secretaria de su nivel correspondiente, con más información sobre el inicio del año escolar.

Nota: La distribución de materiales incluyendo iPads para familias empezará a partir del 10 de agosto


Electronic Methods

1. Bank Transfer/ Transferencias Bancarias:

Online Bank Transfers (English and Espanol)

2. Credit and Debit Card Payments/ Pagos con tarjetas de crédito o débito:

Option 1/Opción 1

Payment by Credit Card (English and Espanol)

Option 2/ Opción 2

Clickpay with Debit or Credit Card (English and Espanol)

In Person Payments

Beginning Monday, July 20 between 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. you will be able to update your accounts for 2019-2020 and submit payment for August tuition as part of our virtual registration process. tuition at the security gate. We ask to follow the directions of ACS personnel and to follow the safety protocols posted outside of the school to reduce the risk of transmission of the CoVid-19 virus.



In partnership with and support from the US State Department we have purchased equipment and are upgrading our health facilities to reflect international school safety standards specific to CoVid-19 safety protocols. ACS will adhere to and likely exceed standards provided by Bolivian and US Government authorities as they pertain to the safe physical reopening of schools.

Child protection and safety is a top priority. The school is in strict compliance with Bolivian Law and follows International best practices to ensure child safety including cyber security and teaching students how to use technology responsibly in virtual learning environments

2020-2021 ACS Child Protection Policy (linked here)


DEADLINE is August 24 at 4:00 P.M.

The ACS Board is committed to assisting families to the greatest extent possible throughout the national health emergency by providing opportunities to apply for an additional tuition discount. The additional discount is offered in solidarity to our community and not as a result of providing the best continuous education in the region.

For those interested in applying for an additional CoVID Tuition discount for the 2020-2021 school year please see information on how to apply in the on-line application form linked here Financial Aid Application 2020-2021 (English) or Aplicacion Ayuda Financiera 2020-2021 (Spanish).

  1. This discount can only be applied for tuition for the first semester. In December the Financial Aid Committee will revisit all submitted applications in order to determine whether ACS is in the position to maintain, increase or decrease this discount

  2. Eligibility for the award requires that families have no more than 2 months of outstanding debt for the 2019-2020 school year.

  3. Receiving this award is contingent on successfully enrolling in school following the virtual registration process described above.



This summer, our teachers are modeling the value we place on lifelong learning by enrolling in coursework to improve their practice. ACS and the Board of Trustees with support from a grant from the US State Department are proud to support 100% of our faculty and staff as they engage with one or more of the following organizations to ensure ACS provides the highest quality distance learning experience for your children based on current applied educational research and innovative best-practices:

  • Teachers’ College at Columbia University

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • AASSA (Association of American Schools of South America)

  • AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education)

  • ISS (International Schools Services)

  • GOA (Global On-line Academy)

  • VHL (Virtual High School)

  • Bolivian Ministry of Health

  • TeachNow (Additional Certifications aimed at teachers who are already certified)

  • Digital Bootcamp (Early Childhood- specific to on-line learning)

  • Splash Academy (Virtual conference for Early Childhood Education)

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • Google Teacher Certification levels I and II

  • ICMECS (International Center for Missing and Exploited Children)


This is an article published by the Center for Disease Control for Talking to children about Co-Vid-19 (English) Hablar con los ninos de Covid-19 (Spanish). Additional articles can be found below.



Please click on this link for an archive of previous Messages from the Superintendent

Please bookmark this site and keep it handy for quick reference. Real-time information about everything ACS is at your fingertips and just a click away.


A good resource site for online learning and parent support is:

Tips for parents:

Early childhood dos and don’ts:

Creating learning experiences for children:


Talking with children about COVID-19:

Virtual recess activities:

ACS Specific Resources

Consistent with our current expectations regarding preventing the spread of contagious diseases please also see our guidelines for keeping students home from school (p. 50 of SS Handbook, p. 40 of ES Handbook).

De acuerdo con nuestras expectativas actuales con respecto a la prevención de la propagación de enfermedades contagiosas, consulte también nuestras pautas para mantener a los alumnos en casa fuera del colegio (p. 50 del Manual de Secundaria, p. 40 del Manual de Primaria).

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