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"You are more precious to this world than you will ever know"

Dear ACS Secondary Parents (Spanish Translation below),

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these difficult times. Welcome back to hybrid learning. We are very excited to have you on campus. Please let me know how your child is doing and if you would like to meet, my doors are always open.

I am available for any concerns or questions you might have, please don't hesitate in contacting me at

Carolina Blanco

Estimados Padres de Secundaria:

Espero que usted y su familia estén sanos y salvos durante estos tiempos difíciles. Bienvenido al aprendizaje híbrido. Estamos muy emocionados de tenerlo a sus hijos en el campus. Por favor, avíseme cómo le está yendo a su hijo y si le gustaría reunirse, mis puertas siempre están abiertas

Estoy disponible para cualquier inquietud o pregunta que pueda tener, no dude en comunicarse conmigo a

Carolina Blanco

A shout out to our wonderful seniors Class of 2022!

Coming Up!!


MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Fall Testing:

Students from Grades 6-8th will be MAP testing on campus in accordance to their Cohorts. Please refer to the Family Toolkit to understand the importance of MAP Assessments.

Important information regarding MAP:

Dates: Week of the Sept 20th- Cohort B (on campus)-First Block of the day (8:15-9:35)

    • Monday Period 1-Math

    • Tuesday Period 5-Reading

    • Thursday Period 4-Writing

    • Friday Makeups-Periods 8 and 7

Dates: Week of the Sept 27th-Cohort A (on campus)-Second Block of the day (9:55-11:15)

    • Monday Period 2-Math

    • Tuesday Period 6-Reading

    • Thursday Period 3-Writing

    • Friday Makeups-Periods 8 and 7

Asynchronous work for the Cohort who is virtual will include an assignment or a recording of a lesson

PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) Testing:

Students from Grades 9-11th will be PSAT testing on campus. Please refer to the following link to understand the importance of PSAT Assessments.

All students from Grades 9-11th will be PSAT testing on campus .

Date: Tuesday, October 26th 2021

  • Grades Testing: 9-11th

    • Testing time: 3 hours

    • Testing hours: 8:30-11:30am

    • Testing Place: Gym

  • Grade 12 will be working on College applications virtually at home

Useful Resources

  • Here are some articles that you can read together with your child:

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus

How Teenagers Can Protect Their Mental Health During Coronavirus

Some teenagers may be feeling afraid, isolated, and/or anxious. They may prefer to be locked up in their bedroom watching bloggers or playing video games. Use this time to reconnect with your child by cooking, playing board games, creating and listening inspirational Ted Talks or simply hanging out in the backyard. Some resources/material available include:

  • Aquí hay algunos artículos que puede leer con su hijo/a:

Consejos para Padres con hijos que Padecen de Ansiedad

Cómo Hablar con los Niños Sobre el Coronavirus

Algunos adolescentes pueden sentirse asustados, aislados y/o ansiosos. Es posible que prefieran estar encerrados en su habitación viendo bloggers o jugando videojuegos. Aproveche este tiempo para reconectarse con su hijo cocinando, jugando juegos de mesa, creando y escuchando Ted Talks o simplemente pasando el rato en el patio trasero. Algunos recursos / materiales disponibles incluyen:

Wellness Toolkit:

  • We have received responses from our first student survey where students have shared valuable information on their emotional state. As your children self-isolate, a feeling of fear, anxiety and emotional exhaustion will arise. Below are some articles and helpful resources on how to talk to your child:

How to Talk to Teens and Kids about the Coronavirus

How to Prevent Loneliness in a time of social distancing

Family Coping Kit

Did You Know:

How to help kids adapt to the chaos that is hybrid learning?

"Have a morning (or evening) check-in. In many cases, students have gone from rigidly packed pre-pandemic schedules to no schedules to schedules that change by the day."

Article on Tips on: How to help kids adapt to the chaos that is hybrid learning?


During Advisory we will be focus on Social-Emotional Well-Being

Daily Advisory Lesson Plans

Featured Video:

Before his death in 2014, Sam Berns was a musician, Eagle Scout and junior at Foxboro High School in Massachusetts. Diagnosed at the age of two with a rare rapid-aging disease called progeria, he spent much of his life raising awareness about the condition, eventually doing so on a national stage in the HBO documentary, "Life According to Sam."


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