Secondary Counseling

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"For children to have success, it's more than just academics. It takes social-emotional intelligence"

Dear ACS Secondary Parents (Spanish Translation below),

We will be ending Quarter 3 on Friday, March 17th.

We have been working with High School and will continue to during the following months to promote social emotional wellbeing and positive interactions between students. The "Centro de Conciliacion de la Universidad Mayor de San Andres" will be coming in to offer a variety of workshops to teach conflict resolution strategies. 

I am available for any concerns or questions you might have, please don't hesitate in contacting me at

Carolina Blanco

Estimados Padres de Secundaria:

El tercer trimestre termina el viernes, 17 de marzo.

Hemos estado trabajando con High School y continuaremos haciendolo durante los siguientes meses para promover el bienestar socio emocional y las interacciones positivas entre los estudiantes. El "Centro de Conciliación de la Universidad Mayor de San Andrés" vendrá a ofrecer una variedad de talleres para enseñar estrategias de resolución de conflictos.

Estoy disponible para cualquier inquietud o pregunta que pueda tener, no dude en comunicarse conmigo a

Carolina Blanco


AP Registrations!


ACS will administer AP (Advanced Placement) tests during the month of May 2023 to all students who are registered in an AP course or ordered to take an AP test. AP Exams are standardized exams designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course. Please refer to the following link for the AP exams overview. The College Board is only providing traditional paper and pencil AP Exams. Please review the following link that has AP Mock Test Dates and Times as well as AP Test Dates and Times.

 Useful Resources

Teen Vaping: What You Need to Know

How Anxiety Affects Teenagers

Some teenagers may be feeling afraid, isolated, and/or anxious. They may prefer to be locked up in their bedroom watching bloggers or playing video games. Use this time to reconnect with your child by cooking, playing board games, creating and listening inspirational Ted Talks or simply hanging out in the backyard. Some resources/material available include:

Consejos para Padres con hijos que Padecen de Ansiedad 

Los Riesgos de Vapear

Algunos adolescentes pueden sentirse asustados, aislados y/o ansiosos. Es posible que prefieran estar encerrados en su habitación viendo bloggers o jugando videojuegos. Aproveche este tiempo para reconectarse con su hijo cocinando, jugando juegos de mesa, creando y escuchando Ted Talks o simplemente pasando el rato en el patio trasero. Algunos recursos / materiales disponibles incluyen:


During Advisory we will be focus on Social-Emotional Well-Being. We have been working with the program Facing History that focuses on lessons of history to "stand up to bigotry and hate." 

Daily Advisory Lesson Plans

Youth Anxiety Psychologist Anne Marie Albano tells us that anxiety is the most common psychiatric condition affecting today's youth. Thinking back to her own personal journey with fears, stressors, and phobias, she has built a career that analyzes the "why" behind childhood anxiety. Through numerous studies, she has come to understand that exposure to phobias actually helps children build coping mechanisms to not only deal with those fears in real time, but to cope with anxiety in the long run. Her work now centers about Cognitive Behavioral Exposure Therapy to help children and families grapple with anxiety and build sustained resilience.


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