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11th Grade: College 101 Workshop starts February 27th.

Feb 27- My last summer before applying to College Presentation- FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS.

March 27- College 101

April 24- College 101 Continuation

May 8- College Search

For those students applying to US universities attendances is MANDATORY.

Calendar Reminders

  • Mark your calendars for the following school visits:

02/26 Emporia State University

02/28 University of Arkansas

TBD Marquette University

03/13 NYU Abu Dhabi

03/14 Universidad Austral

TBD Lynn University

We would like to remind you about the College Visits coming up:

APRIL 4 - Boise State University

APRIL 9 - Johnson & Whales University

WHERE: Secondary Library

WHEN: Lunch Time- Students are welcome to bring their lunch.

Attendance for 11th graders is MANDATORY.

Parents WELCOME to attendace

Parents and College Essays--- Great New York Times article!

Useful Resources

  • Articles
    • What do college admission counselors look for in college applications? - Much of the stress surrounding the college admission process occurs because students and parents possess little first-hand knowledge of what colleges actually want to see in students. With that knowledge, you can increase your potential for acceptance to your top-choice colleges by focusing on those strengths that are priorities for the college. Read more.
    • 10 College Admissions Secrets: An Inside Look From an Elite College Counselor - With high school seniors in the thick of the college application process, speculation abounds about how college admissions committees make decisions, what it takes to get in, and whether or not student A is more qualified than student B. Counselor and former Yale Admissions Officer, Dr. Kat Cohen, provides a peek behind the curtain of the college admissions process. Read More.

  • Sites & Links
    • US News Best Colleges - This website provides nearly 50 different types of numerical rankings and lists to help students narrow their college search.
    • CollegeMajors101- This website offers lots of information about what you can do with dozens of majors, as well as what you can expect academically if you pursue these majors.
    • College Board - This website offers quick facts about a particular school. You can easily retrieve the academic profile of a college's freshman class, financial aid and merit aid stats, available majors, and much more.
    • College Insight - This website hosts detailed information on thousands of colleges. You can find statistics for any school on such topics as college affordability, graduation rates, and college diversity.


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