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Principal's Notes: 10/4 - 10/8: WEEK 1: Cohort B

Dear Secondary Parents,

Due to the change in CDC guidelines regarding social distancing in schools from 6 feet to 3 feet, starting Q2 we will allow secondary student to use secondary lockers.

We plan to put this practice in process on the first day that each cohort is back on campus for Q2 Hybrid.

FYI: We have just found out that we have enough used ACS locks for all secondary students. You no longer have to fill in the form that was previously sent out. We will provide every student with a lock and assigned locker on their first day back after the Fall Break.


Fall Break: Monday Oct. 11 - Friday 15. Students will not be expected to do academics during Fall Break, unless they are in an AP program. My advice is that they not be on any devices and that they participate in other activities that do not need a device or internet.


Please find below the necessary links for the third cohort rotation in Secondary school starting after the Fall Break

Parents of children who were on campus for the first and second rotation of cohorts: Due by 10/6

Parents of children who have not been on campus as yet and will be joining the hybrid cohorts on campus for the third rotation: Due 10/6


Outsourcing Bus Service for Students

Contact: Lucio Quispe - 71997637

Hybrid Prices (Only during assigned cohort)/month:

  • To and from school during corresponding cohort- BS300

  • To OR from school (only one way) during corresponding cohort - BS200


Contacto: Lucio Quispe - 71997637

Precios para clases semi presenciales/mes:

  • Ida y vuelta de colegio a domicilio durante el grupo correspondiente: BS300

  • Ida O vuelta del colegio a domicilio durante el grupo correspondiente: BS200



Grace Kerscher


This year secondary teachers will be inviting you as the guardian, to your child's google classrooms in place of the traditional WAAGs that we posted in the past. All parents should have received these invitations already. We kindly ask that you accept the invitation when you receive it. This will then trigger that you receive a summary of student academic accomplishments every week and announcements of what will be coming up in the next week. If you have any concerns, did not receive the invitations or do not know how to accept the invitations, please let the corresponding teacher know immediately so we may help you.

Coming Up!!

10/8 - End of Q1

10/11-15 - Fall Break

10/18 - First day Q2

SECONDARY ASSESSMENTS: Winter testing information coming up.

PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) Testing:

Students from Grades 9-11th will be PSAT testing on campus

Date: Tuesday, October 26th 2021

  • Grades Testing: 9-11th

    • Testing time: 3 hours

    • Testing hours: 8:30-11:30am

    • Testing Place: Gym

  • Grade 12 will be working on College applications virtually at home

  • Special Schedule - TBD

For more information on assessments, please visit the Secondary Counseling Link

Corona Virus Stop

Virtual Reminders

In order to improve student engagement, students must have their cameras on when in class. Some of the reasons are:

  • Better for teachers: seeing students is a big part of the joy of the work

  • Better for learners: increases level of personal responsibility and preparation

  • Easier for teachers to monitor student engagement

  • Students spend more time getting prepared before starting their day

  • Encourages student responsibility

If students do not want their real backgrounds to be visible then:

  • Virtual/ blurred backgrounds can be used in google meets and on zoom.

  • Students may turn self-view off on zoom

Please ensure:

  • Cameras on laptops are working perfectly. Students who do not have their cameras on may be marked absent.

  • Students are not on their mobile phones while also on their laptops. We need to ensure engagement while classes are on.

  • Your child is borrowing a library book and reading. Students need to read material that is not always online. Please check the next Curbside Library dates and ensure that your child is borrowing and reading a book.


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