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Principal's NoteS:

Dear ACS Parents,

Please find the SS Special Schedule for possible disruption days.

In this schedule you will find links to each department's process for how they will deliver their lessons in case we experience additional disruptions this school year. Please take a few minutes to read them and note that Art class will need you to purchase a simple list of materials to have at hand at home, and Music requires students to take their instrument and music book home every day.

If you have any concerns please contact me, or the specific subject teacher of your child.

This week we will have a special schedule week so that students may meet with their CWW Sponsors on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to prepare for their trips. On Wednesday we will have a commemorative ceremony for 9/11. Please find this weeks Special Schedule here.

Best Regards

Grace Kerscher

Secondary Principal.

School Moments

CWW 2019:

Please check this link for details of the CWW Departure Plan.

Secondary School CWW grade levels will travel to the places outlined below during the week of September 16th - 20th. Students in grades 6 and 10 will leave on Tuesday and be back on Thursday. Grade 7 will leave on Tuesday and be back on Friday.

        • Grade 6: Isla del Sol - Tuesday 17- 19. On Monday 16th continuation of CWW Academics in room 303 (Esther Artieda)
        • Grade 7: Sahama - Tuesday 17-20. On Monday 16th continuation of CWW Academics in room 210 (Aaron Smith)
        • Grade 8: Sucre/Potosi - 16-20.
        • Grade 9: Madidi - 16-20
        • Grade 10: Salar de Uyuni - Tuesday 17-19. On Monday 16th continuation of CWW Academics in room 103 (Bernardo Rios)
        • Grade 11: Toro Toro National Park - 16-20.
        • Grade 12 Cuzco and Machu Picchu - 16-20.
      • CWW local activities take place here on campus and this year all students not traveling are expected to attend local CWW. Here are the details of the Local CWW Activities: Urban Gardening

ACS Whole Child Wellness -

ACS Secondary School Healthy Dispositions: This is the link to healthy dispositions that Secondary School will be using this school year. Students will be graded on all 6 dispositions during each quarter, and receive an overall quarter grade at the end of the quarter, in each subject. Even though these grades do not count to the overall academic performance, they represent our ACS mission of critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens, and will be reported in PowerSchool. Please check the above linked rubric, where the indicators and expectancies of 1-4 are explained in more detail.

Secondary Connections

Secondary Course Descriptions

  • Click here to see Middle School Course Descriptions
  • Click here to see High School Course Descriptions and the 4-Year Planning Guide
  • Secondary after school support will start on Monday August 19th. Students are expected to check in with their teachers if they need extra support on the days listed below. Support starts at 3:20 and goes until 4:20. After school support does not conflict with secondary sports, which doesn't start until 4:30. Students with Ds and Fs will be expected to attend this support.
    • Monday - Math
    • Tuesday - Science
    • Thursday - English and Social Studies

Secondary WAAGs Made Easy

Secondary WAAGs

Secondary Healthy Dispositions

ACS SS Healthy Dispositions

ACS Links

  1. ACS Quick Action Guide
  2. ACS Secondary Student/Parent Handbook

Important Student Parent Handbook Excerpts

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences

Students can receive Excused Absences provided that they:

  • Provide a medical excuse within 24 hours of the absence and inform the school on the day of the absence that student is ill;
  • Provide a written letter from a sports federation at least three days in advance of the absence, etc. and the student completes a Planned Absence Form which must be signed and filed in the secondary office before the student’s absence..

All other absences are considered unexcused and students are not given credit for any work missed during unexcused absences. Students are expected to complete the missed work and will receive feedback but will receive no grade or credit for it. In some cases, if a parent and student request permission for absences a minimum of 7 days before the planned absence, the Principal may excuse student absences for a maximum of 10% in a given academic calendar year; however, no absences can be excused during exam days.

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