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PSAT Presentation

Portrait Taking Schedule

Secondary Course Descriptions

CWW: Experiential Education at ACS

Check out this cool video that highlights the students' experiences on this year's CWW trips.

Secondary WAAGs Made Easy

In addition to accessing the secondary teacher WAAGs through student google classrooms, all secondary teacher WAAGs (Week At A Glance) are now accessible here: Secondary WAAGs

By clicking on the blue names of the teacher you are looking for, you will be able to access the subject department list where you can select the teacher and subject you are looking for. The teacher names in yellow have more than one subject department associated with them.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me.

Safety & Security Drills

ACS has 4 drills that are practiced 12 times a school year. These include: Fire, Safe Haven, Lock Down and Off Campus. Eight are announced and four are unannounced. Each year, staff and students review and practice procedures to ensure a quick and orderly process is followed in case of an emergency. Our first fire drill will be this week. Please take a moment to review the School's Quick Action Guide for an overview of how the school responds to emergencies.

Grace Kerscher

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