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Principal's Notes: 01/17-21: WEEK 1: Gd 6 Cohort B

Dear Secondary Parents,

Welcome back to semester 2 of the school year.

ACS will join many schools and institutions around the world in starting virtually. Students are expected return to their residences in Bolivia and work from home until, conditions permitting, they may return to campus after PCR testing.

Bolivia has just instituted more stringent requirements for vaccination. We will be seeking clarification on the implications of these new requirements for school, and acceptable documentation both for those vaccinated inside and outside Bolivia. We will update you once we have definitive details.

We urge our whole community to maintain vigilance, wearing masks and avoiding crowds. I wish you health, safety, and happiness in this new year.

Please check the following important information:

  1. Attendance: Please Note

    1. According to the ACS Secondary Student Parent Handbook 2021-22, "All grade 6-12 students must be present in classes for a minimum of 90% of the class meetings. If a Secondary Student has been absent (excused or unexcused) for more than 10% of the class meetings in a semester, credit for the course will not be granted unless the Superintendent has determined that extenuating circumstances of an unavoidable nature exist (e.g. serious illness, family emergency, etc.), warrant a waiver of this Policy.

    2. All Tardies are considered unexcused unless approved by the level principal and excessive tardies are considered an infraction. If a student is tardy due to illness, he/she must visit the medical unit on arriving at school. Due to ACS strict Biosecurity policies students with excessive tardies will be asked to remain at home and have virtual classes until parents can assure that students can arrive to school with enough time to follow the morning Biosecurity protocols.

    3. Pre and Post Holiday Absences

In order to maximize student/teacher contact and prevent loss of teaching opportunities due to partial class attendance, absences immediately preceding and following a school holiday will not be approved for students and will be considered as an unexcused absence. Semester assessments/tests will not be given early.

  1. Campus entrance and exit:

    1. Students are expected to line up distanced at the 10th street gate starting at 7:50am. There are signs for MS and for HS on the wall.

    2. Gates are closed at 8:15 sharp and any late students may come in through the main gate. If your child will be later than 8:25 or needs to go home early, please keep them at home that day in virtual classes. As usual late students will be marked tardy in PowerSchool according to ACS Student Parent Handbook.

    3. Vehicles may come through 10th street and drop off children. There is no space to park, ONLY for drop off. Please plan to drop off your child as fast, as early and as orderly as possible, so others may also pull in to the drop off area. There are many cars in the morning.

  2. Important campus reminders: The following are frequent behaviors that secondary faculty and staff would like parents to collaborate with us to keep in check please.

    1. Students MUST wear their masks and wash their hands regularly. They must bring at least one extra mask at all times. They are expected to wash their hands on entering campus, before and after lunch. To ensure the safety of all our students and staff, especially now that all grades 7-12 will be back on campus, biosecurity rules will be enforced by everyone. Students who repeatedly break biosecurity rules, E.G. not wearing mask properly or not washing hands, will have their parents contacted and may be asked to attend classes virtually.

    2. Mobile phones: As stated in the handbook students may not use or show their mobile phones during the school day. Because we are in CoVid, if a student's mobile phone is collected by the teachers and brought to the office, the parent will be notified to pick up the phone at 3:15pm from the gate. If the behavior continues, then students will be asked to leave their phones at home.

    3. Dress Code: Faculty and staff have been continuously warning students about dress code infractions. Please re-read the handbook if you are unsure of what the dress code is for secondary school.

    4. We highly encourage parents to ensure that students come to classes on campus. There have been substantial social emotional and academic growth observed in students who have been attending Hybrid on campus classes. Now that we have the chance to have grades 7-12 on campus full time, we encourage you to send them to school every day.

  3. First time back on campus? Please fill in these forms and have your PCR negative test taken no more than 72 hours before returning on Monday and sent to Dra Antonieta.

    1. Parent Declaration of Preferred Learning Environment

    2. Cougar Caring Commitment

  4. No deliveries: we are not allowing any kinds of deliveries for the moment. Students must come with everything that they need for the day. All students have been given a locker and a lock to store their belongings during the day.

    1. Items we have seen students forget regularly include:

      1. Lunch and snacks

      2. Laptop and chargers

      3. Project materials and physical presentations

  5. No Wednesday Sibling Pickup: Except for grade 6, students grades 7-12 will remain on campus on Wednesdays until 3:15.

  6. Outsourcing Bus Service for Students: Contact: Lucio Quispe - 71997637

Hybrid Prices (Only during assigned cohort)/month:

  • To and from school during corresponding cohort- BS300

  • To OR from school (only one way) during corresponding cohort - BS200


Grace Kerscher



This year secondary teachers will be inviting you as the guardian, to your child's google classrooms in place of the traditional WAAGs that we posted in the past. All parents should have received these invitations already. We kindly ask that you accept the invitation when you receive it. This will then trigger that you receive a summary of student academic accomplishments every week and announcements of what will be coming up in the next week. If you have any concerns, did not receive the invitations or do not know how to accept the invitations, please let the corresponding teacher know immediately so we may help you.

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SECONDARY ASSESSMENTS: Winter testing information coming up.

For more information on assessments, please visit the Secondary Counseling Link

Corona Virus Stop

Virtual Reminders

In order to improve student engagement, students must have their cameras on when in class. Some of the reasons are:

  • Better for teachers: seeing students is a big part of the joy of the work

  • Better for learners: increases level of personal responsibility and preparation

  • Easier for teachers to monitor student engagement

  • Students spend more time getting prepared before starting their day

  • Encourages student responsibility

If students do not want their real backgrounds to be visible then:

  • Virtual/ blurred backgrounds can be used in google meets and on zoom.

  • Students may turn self-view off on zoom

Please ensure:

  • Cameras on laptops are working perfectly. Students who do not have their cameras on may be marked absent.

  • Students are not on their mobile phones while also on their laptops. We need to ensure engagement while classes are on.

  • Your child is borrowing a library book and reading. Students need to read material that is not always online. Please check the next Curbside Library dates and ensure that your child is borrowing and reading a book.


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