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Principal's Notes:

Dear ACS Secondary Community,

I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy.

The last week of the semester is already upon us. It's so difficult to believe that the school year is about to end.

Here are some important points to note as we end the year:

  • There will not be the usual Semester Final Exams for High School students, however there will be culminating quarter 4 exams. Each quarter, 3 and 4, will receive the 50% of the semester 2 grade weight, except for AP subjects which continue to be graded as usual.
  • Seniors:
  • SS Arts Celebrations:
    • Music talent Virtual Celebrations: May 25-27
  • Last week of school
  • Supply lists for next school year will be placed on the ACS Website next week
  • Summer Reading

Have a great week! Stay safe.

Warm Regards,

Grace Kerscher

Bono familiar:

  • Beginning May 18 families with eligible children who are enrolled in private schools are entitled to a 500bs/child bono
  • We suggest families wait to request their bono familia due to a technical issue with the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education is aware of the issue and has assured us that they are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. The issue stems from our different academic calendars. You will receive notification as soon as we hear that the issue has been resolved
  • Families will have 90 days from May 18 to claim the Bono Familia
  • Banks have different requirements for families to receive the bono. Documents that may be required include recent Bolivian report cards with or without signatures and/or stamps
  • Due to current government restrictions ACS is not in a position to provide stamped documents however all families will be receiving their children’s two (2) most recent Bolivian report cards electronically from ACS by Tuesday, May 19
  • A priority for our office staff once we receive permission to return to work will be to scan all original report cards with signatures and stamps and send these directly to all families

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We continue to closely monitor reports from the Bolivian Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and the State Department about the current epidemic and assess any possible threat to the ACS community. ACS has emergency plans for infectious diseases when they threaten our community and at this time, there is no need for the school to enact any of these plans other than increased vigilance over the health of our community members. Nonetheless, it is important to keep communication channels open and we will communicate any changes to our normal practices as necessary. Please see this linked article for tips on how to speak with your children about Coronavirus. For general information about coronavirues please see the information linked here.

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