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Principal's NoteS:

Dear ACS Parents,

Welcome back!!!

I hope to see the smiling faces of our students tomorrow after the week uncertain events due to civil disruption.

To start the week of normalcy tomorrow we have a special schedule where students will go to all their classes

Here is the schedule: Special Monday Schedule

We will start the day with an all SS assembly in the theater where students will have a presentation and workshop on Understanding Crisis in their Lives and How to Recognize Social-emotional Stress. After the workshop students will then have an 8 period scheduled day.

This week we start back with our academic after school supports. Monday is Math, Tuesday is Science, Thursday is English and Social Studies. Classes will be on the normal schedule starting Tuesday morning and continuing for the rest of the semester. Since we will be running classes on normal schedule, attendance will also be taken. Please remember to let the level secretary know if your child will be absent.

As always, the safety of the ACS community remains our priority.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

Grace Kerscher

Secondary Principal.

School Moments:

Please check the link below for important moments in secondary including testing dates, student events and school breaks:

Calendar Reminders -

Please come to the General Assembly this Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Theatre. Learn about what ACS is doing to support your children and resources for parents. This short article for example Talking to Children About Violence can help start productive conversations at home.


Created in collaboration with external psychologists the students viewed these presentations ES Student Presentation and SS Student Presentation today and then broke up into small groups with teachers to discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings about recent events. ACS will also have its counseling staff and external psychologists on campus all week to provide individuals or groups with support as appropriate.

Secondary Connections

Secondary Course Descriptions

Secondary After School Support

Students are expected to check in with their teachers if they need extra support on the days listed below. Support starts at 3:20 and goes until 4:20. After school support does not conflict with secondary sports, which doesn't start until 4:30. Students with Ds and Fs, including athletes, will be expected to attend these support sessions:

    • Monday - Math
    • Tuesday - Science
    • Thursday - English and Social Studies

Secondary WAAGs Made Easy

Secondary WAAGs

Secondary Healthy Dispositions

ACS SS Healthy Dispositions

ACS Links

  1. ACS Quick Action Guide
  2. ACS Secondary Student/Parent Handbook

Important Student Parent Handbook Excerpts.

Unforeseen Prolonged Closure

If ACS is ever required to close its doors for any reason for a period of time when students should normally be in classes the school closure will be communicated electronically to all families. All ACS Secondary teachers will post work online on Google classroom or some other platform and students will be required to complete assigned work at home. Students are expected to follow their normal schedule of classes and get online with the corresponding subject teacher through their google classroom. Teachers will take attendance online, work with students online, give assignments and be available for any questions the students may have. Just like any other school day, students are expected to attend classes (online) and complete all their academic assignments and meet all deadlines.

Disruption Days (DDs)

When circumstances outside of school make it difficult or dangerous for students and/or teachers to get to school ACS will implement a special schedule and teachers will modify their delivery of the curriculum to minimize loss of instruction time. Teachers will use on-line platforms including Class Dojo (ES) and Google Classroom (SS) to share assignments and create learning experiences for their students.

ACS Secondary School Day

The school day begins promptly at 8:15 AM; therefore, students are expected to be on campus by 8:05 AM at the latest and be in class when the first bell rings at 8:10 AM. Students must be sat down and prepared to learn before the second bell rings at 8:15 AM. The school day ends at 3:15 PM and parents are required to promptly pick up their children after school unless they are involved in any after school activity (academic support, club, or sport). Students must be supervised at all times after school. If a student is not in a designated activity or the activity does not start until a later time, they must either be supervised by an adult (guardian or staff member) or they must go to the Library to study.

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