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Principal's NoteS:

Delivering Lunch Boxes:

It has been brought to our attention that there are several issues with the delivery of secondary lunch boxes. Some of these issues are the following:

  • Parents bring the lunch boxes to the guard window and wait there to talk to their child.
    • Please leave the lunch boxes at the window and move on. The guards will store them in the shade on a table near secondary area.
  • This hinders other lunch box deliveries and keeps the student in an unauthorized (Guard house) area, making it difficult for the guards to continue with their duties.
    • Students are not allowed to hang out near the guard hut for safety reasons.
  • Lunch boxes are brought late to students.
    • These students either do not eat their entire meal before the bell for the next class, or they get late to class. Please make sure that your child receives their lunch by 12:45.
  • Labeling lunch boxes and bags
    • Please make sure that your child's lunch box clearly has labeled, their name and grade level.
    • If you bring lunch in a disposable container, please make sure to write the student name and grade level on the container before handing it to the guard.
  • **Junk Food
    • It has been brought to our attention that many students have junk food delivered for lunch on a regular basis. Parents are encouraged to bring only healthy food options to school. Forming good eating habits from small are very important.

Parent Teachers Conferences:

On Wednesday March 27th, ACS will be hosting the second annual (S2) Parent Teacher Conferences. Parents are cordially invited to meet with the teachers of their children and discuss their progress. Since students are the theme of these meetings, they are expected to accompany their parents. Teachers will be reminding students of the conferences, and please plan on bringing your child to the meeting. Teachers may reach out to you with a special request for you and your child to attend, but if you are not available to attend on this day then please make an appointment with the secondary office to see the teacher at a later date.

Students will have a special schedule on this day and be released at 12:00 midday. All secondary teachers will be available in the Secondary Library from 12:45 -5:00pm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

ACS Whole Child Wellness:

ACS Secondary Advisory program creates a support system that students need to develop not just academically but also socially and emotionally through Character Education Units that the counselor prepares and class activities.

These units are frequently grade level specific according to faculty observations and individual needs, for example grade 12 may spend more time on graduation requirements and grade 6 on transitioning into MS.

Our advisory programs are meant to make sure that each student has an adult advisor, who can act as their advocate. They create a sense of community through Character Education activities, events planning and class celebrations.

School Moments:

AP Exams Schedule

  • Mocks: Here is the schedule for AP Mock exams
  • Real Exams: Here is the schedule for the AP EXAMS

Go Cougars!!!!!

Shoe Drive

  • GIN has started their 3rd quarter drive for shoes to donate to various charities that our students are involved in.
  • Please check here for more information.

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Secondary Healthy Dispositions

ACS Secondary School Healthy Dispositions

Excerpts from the ACS Student Parent Handbook 2018-19:


ACS Secondary School DayThe school day begins promptly at 8:15 AM; therefore, students are expected to be on campus by 8:05 AM at the latest and be in class when the first bell rings at 8:10 AM. Students must be sat down and prepared to learn before the second bell rings at 8:15 AM. The school day ends at 3:15 PM and parents are required to promptly pick up their children after school unless they are involved in any after school activity (academic support, club, or sport). Students must be supervised at all times after school. If a student is not in a designated activity or the activity does not start until a later time, they must either be supervised by an adult (guardian or staff member) or they must go to the Library to study.
School Attendance:All students are expected to attend school regularly. ACS has developed policies for tardies and absences that are described in the Student Code of Conduct.
Attendance PolicyAll students are expected to be present in each class each day. For absences, such as illness or emergency, parents are required to notify the attendance secretary in writing or by email.
All grade 6-12 students must be present in classes for a minimum of 90% of the class meetings. If a Secondary Student has been absent (excused or unexcused) for more than 10% of the class meetings in a semester, credit for the course will not be granted unless the Superintendent has determined that extenuating circumstances of an unavoidable nature exist (e.g. serious illness, family emergency, etc.), warrant a waiver of this Policy. Parents must email, call or write a note if a student is absent from school. The student must report to the HS secretary for an entry pass prior to going to class if he/she arrives at school after classes have started. Students arriving late to school must contact those teachers with whom the student did not meet that day for any work missed or assignments that needed to be turned in. If a parent calls in that their child is sick and will get to school after classes have begun, then the student must first report to the school health office before being admitted into class. Parents who anticipate their student leaving school early (doctors appointments, etc.) are expected to notify the secondary office and those teachers whom the student will not see at least one day prior to the early dismissal. Coming to school late or leaving early does not exempt a student from tests or assignment due dates.Students who become ill during the day must report to the school health office. The health office will contact the parents if the student needs to be sent home. The health office will give a note to take to the HS secretary stating the reason the student is going home and who will be picking up the student. Only ACS approved emergency contacts will be a permitted to pick up students.No student may leave campus without parent permission and a written release by the HS secretary. Either the student’s parent or adult designate must pick up the student from administration office.Students must be in attendance at school during the day in order to participate in practices, games or performances after school hours.. Students who have an unexcused absence (by parents and/or Administration) from a class/s or a school day will receive disciplinary action in accordance with the ACS Student Code of Conduct.All Tardies are considered unexcused unless approved by the level principal and excessive tardies are considered an infraction. If a student is tardy due to illness, he/she must visit the medical unit on arriving to school. The school doctor will give the students a pass to class after determining that the student is not too ill to attend class.Pre and Post Holiday AbsencesIn order to maximize student/teacher contact and prevent loss of teaching opportunities due to partial class attendance, absences immediately preceding and following a school holiday will not be approved for students or staff members and will be considered as an unexcused absence. Semester exams/tests will not be given early. Excused vs. Unexcused AbsencesStudents can receive Excused Absences provided that they:Provide a medical excuse within 24 hours of the absence and inform the school on the day of the absence that student is ill;Provide a written letter from a sports federation at least three days in advance of the absence, etc. and the student completes a Planned Absence Form which must be signed and filed in the secondary office before the student’s absence..All other absences are considered unexcused. In some cases, if a parent and student request permission for absences a minimum of 7 days before the planned absence, the Principal may excuse student absences for a maximum of 5 days in a given academic calendar year; however, no absences can be excused during exam days.
Tardies Academic success is directly related to punctual arrival to and preparation of, all classes. Students are always expected to arrive to school on time each morning. Students are also expected to arrive on time to all classes throughout the day. Students arriving tardy to a class will not be allowed to make up any missed work. The cut off between tardy to a class, and an unexcused absence is 10 minutes. After 10 minutes students will not receive a grade for the class that they are late to. Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action as well as points off the effort grade in each class the student is late to. Being on time to class is defined as being seated with all required materials. If a student needs to leave the class to retrieve homework, a textbook, etc., they will be marked as tardy regardless if they were present at the time that the bell rang. All tardies are considered unexcused unless otherwise directed by the Secondary Principal.

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