Elementary Library

Welcome to the Elementary School Library!

My name is Amelia Garrett and I’m the ES Librarian. My main goal during this school year is to support your child’s teaching and learning processes. We invite you to benefit from our curbside pick-up services, latest arrivals and virtual library.

If you need any assistance with any library-related issues, please contact me through my school email amelia.garrett@acslp.org (office hours). I will be more than glad to help you!

Curbside Pick-Up Services /October 2021

I am excited to announce our Second Library Book Check-Out process of the 2021-2022 school year!

Here is the ES Online Catalog for you to browse and find books your family would like to check out. Follow these instructions on how to use it:

1 - Click on ACS Elementary

2 - If you choose to search by author, write in the search bar the name and click author; if you choose by title, write it in and click title; if you are interested in a certain topic (frogs), write it in and click on keyword.

3 - On the left side of your screen you see images of the books, title, call #, author and other information.

4 - On the right side of your screen you see if it is AVAILABLE (1 of 1 available) or NOT (0 of 1 is available).

5 - Fill out the following ES Library Check-Out Form with the books your family would like to read (10 BOOKS PER FAMILY MAXIMUM).

  • Ordering: September 27- October 3 (Please note that we won't take any orders after this date).

  • Pick-up new ones and RETURN old ones: October 6-8 (Front gate from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday until 12:00.)

We kindly ask you to return the books in the same bag you received the books.

Thank you!

ACS-New Arrivals!

New Arrivals!

In this section, I will keep you posted on the most recent acquisitions in our library. Books are carefully selected based on our children's interests.

In order for you to find the right book, each one has a description including the reading age and other relevant details.

They are all available in our ES Online Catalog and ready to be checked out through our Curbside Pick-Up Services.

ES Virtual Library

Welcome to the ES Virtual Library! Here you´ll find lots of great read-alouds for you and your kids to enjoy at home.

ACS-ES Virtual Library