Student Clubs

Did You Know

Statistics show that high school students who participate in clubs and activities are more likely to aspire to higher education. Also admissions officers look specifically at your extracurricular activity participation when judging whether or not to let you in.

National Honor Society

The ACS Chapter of the National Honor Society is committed to Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. NHS not only recognizes student excellence in these four pillars, but challenges them to become active citizens in their school and community.

National Honor Society members must complete 20 hours of group community service. We work with Fundación Nuestra Esperanza, an organization that works with children fighting cancer at the Materno Infantil Hospital in La Paz, Bolivia


What is StuCo

The name of the organization shall be the American Cooperative School Student Council, hereafter referred to as StuCo. StuCo is a centralized student government that addresses student concerns and creates and runs activities for student involvement.

StuCo will assist to organize and plan student activities throughout the school community. It will create and enhance student relations and communication between students, teachers, and staff. It will create and develop school spirit and encourage initiative, responsibility, citizenship and leadership.


May 19

Announcement of the Election Results

StuCo 20-21 Block


President: Joaquin Alcoreza

Vice-president: Davi Lima

Treasurer: Nicolas Trigo

Supervisor: Daniela Pedroza

Secretary: Manuela Muñoz

StuCo 2020-2021 Class Reps

Grade 12

President: Nicolas Schuab

Vice President: Eduardo Canelas

Treasurer: Keewan Kim

Grade 11

President: Lucilla Cattoretti

Vice President: Ariana Montero

Treasurer: Jessica Hong

Grade 10

President: Juliana Luzio

Vice President: Isabella Navarro

Treasurer: Ana Sofia Beccar

Grade 9

President: Mariana Bohrt

Vice President: Rodrigo De Grandchant

Treasurer: Nicolas De Grandchant

Grade 8

President: Sabrina Schuab

Vice President: Nicholas Rivera

Treasurer: Laszlo Otis-Pasternak

Grade 7

President: Maria Alcayaga

Vice President: Lucia Garafulic

Treasurer: TBD


Hello everyone!

We know this year has been filled with unwanted surprises. The last 2-3 months of semester 1 were marked by political unrest, and now in semester 2, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

Due to the circumstances presented to us, we were basically unable to go to school for half of the school year, if you think about it. We recognize that it was, and is still tough for all of us. We never envisioned our school year to go this way, much less to end it this way, virtually.

Still, despite the obstacles, we’ve continued working as a community.

The events that we’ve gone through demonstrate the grit and resilience that we all have as part of the ACS community. They demonstrate our strength; that we can undertake anything that’s presented to us.

We, your 2019-2020 StuCo block, consider that we gave our best to the ACS community, considering the circumstances that we all went through during this school year. We’ve always tried to make something out of the resources that we’ve had available, and we’re thankful for having had the opportunity to do so.

This year’s StuCo block wants to take this opportunity to thank you all.

To thank you, StuCo officers, for always helping on activities when needed, such as when we had the Talent Show (special shoutout to the 8th-grade officers for going above and beyond), for the amazing bake sales that we were able to pull off, and for your constant support and participation.

We also want to thank you, StuCo advisors:

Thank you, Mrs. Cabello, for being the best StuCo advisor that we could’ve asked for despite the short amount of time that we were able to be with you. We never truly understood how much you did for the ACS community until we no longer had you with us. We are truly thankful for your unconditional love and commitment to the school. Miss Vallejos, for taking charge when Mrs. Cabello had to leave office, and helping us out with StuCo activities despite your busy schedule. Miltich, for joining in and lending us a hand when we needed it the most.

Also, we cannot forget to thank all of you teachers and staff that have helped us with our activities and decisions, whether it was helping us burn a disk, aiding us as supervisors, or Talent show judges (the list is immense, but you know who you are). Thank you, Mrs. Kerscher, for always taking an active part in StuCo, Ms. Caro, for being as understanding and caring as you are, and Mr. Otis, for supporting us and our plans for each one of our activities.

Thank you, Mrs. Jackie and Martita, for your support in helping us out with office matters, allowing us to use the P.A. system when needed, and getting our messages across.

And finally, we want to thank the ACS community as a whole, for staying as united as possible despite the events that had been happening around us, and for showing us your support. We are proud of each and every one of you for everything that you allowed us to accomplish, and for everything that you were personally able to accomplish throughout this school year, no matter how small.

We also want to remind you to keep holding on. Things will eventually get better. Yes, we don’t know exactly when, or how, but keep holding on to the idea that it will, for hope creates willpower, and life has both its ups and downs.

Oh well, we’ll best just leave it here, for the list can keep on going.

Lastly, though, we want to bid one final farewell to the seniors, the class of 2020, and welcome the upcoming 6th-grade class, the class of 2027. We know that new, better opportunities await both of you in these new stages of your life.

We are sure that the 2020-2021 StuCo block, “Synergy”, will do a wonderful job as new leaders of the student body, and hopefully, you will all be able to work together, physically, on campus next year.

Thank you all for allowing us to be your StuCo block for this school year.

Go Cougars!

  • Your 2019-2020 StuCo block — “Quintesent”

Fernanda Pedroza (president)

Nicolas Ortuno (vice-president)

Daniela Pedroza (treasurer)

Vanina Quiroga (Secretary/Vocal)

Adrian Luzio (Supervisor)

Global Issues Network

The GIN class is devoted to making an impact in our community for our generation and future generations. Four groups make our GIN class: Carbon Cutters, Guild Against Poverty (GAP), BioGuardians, and Operation Smile.

Carbon Cutters

  • Climate change is the problem of our generation and we work to lower our carbon footprint and that of our community. We improved the school's recycling program with color coded recycling bins that follow Bolivian Law. We are working with the La Paz Municipal Government to recycle our waste and with the Green Team at ACS to compost the organic waste generated by our school. We also coordinate the 3rd quarter drive which generally benefits victims of landslides or floods during the rainy season in La Paz. Please follow us on instagram: @_earth.warriors and on Facebook as Carbon Cutters - ACS GIN.

Guild Against Poverty

  • We strongly believe education is a powerful tool to break the poverty cycle, thus our group works closely with Helping Hands Bolivia, an organization that supports at risk children and youth to continue their education. One of the biggest events for our group is the School Supply Drive done during quarter 4 of the school year. Please follow us on instagram: @gap_acs and on Facebook as Guild Against Poverty.


  • Our mission is to be the voice for those who can't speak. We seek to raise awareness on animal trafficking and animal cruelty. We work closely with Senda Verde, an animal refuge that takes in and cares for rescued animals. One of the biggest events for our group is the Food Drive done during quarter 1 of the school year. Please follow us on instagram: @bioguardians_acs and on Facebook as BIO Guardians.

Operation Smile

A smile can change the world. We work hard to raise funds to pay for life changing surgery for children born with cleft palate and cleft lip. Our biggest event is the 5K color run that raises awareness and funds for Operation Smile Bolivia. Please follow us at instagram: operacionsonrisa_acs and on Facebook as ACS Operacion Sonrisa.

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